Top 50 Persuasive Essay Topics


  1. Dali is a unique artist.
  2. Pop stars are too rich.
  3. A lot of popular actors are not to be so snob.
  4. Modern art is a strange flow.
  5. The theatre is very popular among the youth.
  6. People like to draw and paint on the walls.
  7. Individualism is easy to express in art.
  8. The artists are too susceptible to criticism.
  9. In every building of the past, the art is traced.
  10. A lot of people do not like portraits.


  1. Anorexia is a problem.
  2. Women`s health is under threat.
  3. Drugs become a norm.
  4. Alcohol leads to population decline.
  5. Smoking is not popular anymore.
  6. Medicine transform into a business.
  7. White youth do not want to be parents.
  8. AIDS is still a big problem.
  9. Sugar ruined the body.
  10. Dangerous food becomes the norm.


  1. Animal help to calm down.
  2. The family is of a big value at any times.
  3. Happiness is a basic need.
  4. Money is the greatest demand for many people.
  5. Regress leads to progress.
  6. Punishment is an important part of treatment.
  7. Every living being is to be free.
  8. The lie is the second face.
  9. Generations evaluate due to curiosity.
  10. Every person is a product of the environment.


  1. There is no place for virtue in the modern world.
  2. The speed gain supersedes the highest good.
  3. Natural state vs. the public one.
  4. The fine line between art and plagiarism.
  5. Ethical principles of the employer.
  6. The place of ethics in everyday life.
  7. Professional ethics in the eyes of modern society.
  8. The 21st-century children do not learn society moral aspects.
  9. Religion ethics norms.
  10. Morality is devalued in our society.

Internet technologies

  1. Computer games are harmful to children.
  2. Android vs. IOS system.
  3. Social media are the time killers.
  4. Sharing your life in FB is dangerous.
  5. Electronic marketing changes the world economic sector.
  6. Video games manipulate the people.
  7. The digital world will capture real life.
  8. The Internet is an option to control society.
  9. IT deprives people of personal freedom.
  10. Internet addiction robs childhood.