Argumentative and Rhetoric Rogerian Argument Essay Guide

Clash of opinions sometimes results in the emergence of the ultimate truth, we all look for it, and the majority of us prefers to be on the winning team of the debate, no matter who is on the other side of the perspective. Common belief states that a verbal wrestling match must have a winner and a loser. But is it a working practice, is this type of dispute benefitting at all? Traditional quarrel can go on for hours if not days, a month or year, it lives until one of the catalysts is tired to continue and lets his opponent claim a win.

That moral victory inflates the ego of the triumphant person, but it doesn’t persuade the loser to a certain point of view or gives both individuals something to reflect on. It is a waste of time and nerves! Winners regularly use their status and mental tricks to get the leverage over another human being, they smother the doubters with assertiveness and aggression until the pressure is too much to handle. The one who yells louder is the formal winner, the one that is not willing to step down is the “smarter” one.

We can all agree that the value of such verity search is inefficient and useless. We can achieve better results with less hassle, implementing a contrasting style that is far more fruitful than a headstrong strategy discussion. The best way to face the problem questions is by sticking to Rogerian principles that would help you resolve conflicts by finding common ground. Compromises are keys to unlocking the minds of our opponents, who shouldn’t be opponents altogether!

This flexible approach takes into account both theories and comes up with an alternative option that has a chance of catching on with multiple people at once, no matter how contrasting and hostile their views are. Intelligent approach and civil behavior with fluid and open-minded policy beats a tiring screaming contest almost every time. Adding fuel to the conflict by hitting yourself in the chest with a heel is energy-consuming and impractical.

A Structure of the Rogerian Essay

This practical method of emphatic solution search is used not only in public situations but in school too, as well as being a part of a college education. Students have to produce a writing that will respect the audience and put different pieces of the puzzle together, forming a bigger picture for rest of the society and humans that are interested in rational decision-making. Gentle persuasion can be the main feature of your paper statement. Rogerian rhetoric as an academical writing would ask you to find a position between two sides and solve their issue with creative ideas, it is built on the belief that reader and writer can work hand in hand and settle on a particular thing or section of the arguments, see eye to eye.

We use collaborative rhetoric for retaining the bits of our vision and adding the details from someone else’s eye. It is possible to pick up the brains of your vis-a-vis and use his knowledge for common prosperity. To get the support and pitch your message in the passage and written communication you need to follow basic instructions and maintain an outline built for the argument beforehand. The skeleton of your paper would consist of the usual introduction, affirmation of both schools of thought, body paragraphs that would try to mesh two opinions together, and a tender logical conclusion that would leave everyone happy. People like when their opinions matter to you, and such a move would predispose them to your takes!

When writing a Rogerian essay, you need to identify the object of contention using impartial language and you should stay away from the negative word combinations and contradictiory pieces, as they undermine the whole concept of Rogerian rhetoric. Develop your thesis and use factual evidence to warm up your opinion while giving some spotlight and respect to the opposing viewpoint. You need the agreement of your reader! Your beliefs can fit in just fine with the school of thought that is different to yours at first glance – you just need to find the fitting parts and evaluate them from the challenging party. Act like the therapist that has to sell the course of treatment to the patient who doesn’t want to feel sick but also doesn’t want to take medicine. The resolution will be your conclusion! To get the nod of the crowd you need to predict their initial position correctly and lead them to a worded pact.

Rogerian Essay Topics

The topic that needs soothing should be a polarizing one, so picking a dull subject for investigation is not an option. Culturally relevant affairs could be used, but only those that are highly controversial and have a lot of influence on our community. Here are some significant problems that place people against each other and turn them into adversaries:

Should Marijuana Be Legalized Everywhere?


Athletes from United States Getting Paid too much?


Do Video Games make our children violent?


Gun Problem in the USA


The Reasoning behind Death Penalties


Is Cheating Acceptable in Marriage?


Smoking Ban


Abortion Policy


Is Tax Evading a Real Crime?


Should the Prisoners Have a Right to Vote?


A highly controversial topic that can be advocated is the best option, all of those mentioned above have compromises that could be achieved through civil debate. Your position on the matter should be unpopular, as there would be no argument if you choose the safest route.