Ideas for the English project


When you have no definite theme for the project, you can let your imagination free. You can write whatever you like about and your ideas will be demonstrated to the readers. The development of your own English project helps you demonstrate your knowledge, improve your ability to frame your ideas and follow the specific structure of the composition.

Despite the fact, that it is possible to find almost everything on the Internet, it’s really hard to find something suitable for you. You can spend quite a huge amount of time and did not find the ready-made list of the topics for your project which would suit for you. It became a real challenge to choose the right topic for students. Looking through the various websites we have understood that it is easier to make our own list of the diverse themes and post it on our website. This is a small part of the topics we have found:


1. Children and reading

2. Family relationships

3. Saving the nature

4. Differences between American and English language

5. College vs High School. What is better?

6. How to avoid stress before the exams

7. The Global Warming problem

8. Slang in the teenagers’ life

9. Advertisement as a means for studying the English language

10. History of the English fashion

These themes differ a lot from each other and can be taken by a pupil of any form. To dig deeper into the topics which could be taken for the English project, it is necessary to draw attention to the age of the person. If you are a primary school boy or a girl, where the projects are written very often, you can write about holidays, traditions, national food of other countries. You can also compare your favourite music to the music your friend from another country likes.

1. English and Russian holidays

2. My last Christmas

3. My favourite dish

4. How would I spend my Birth Day if I were a French boy?

5. The most interesting museums to visit

6. Great Britain’s symbol

7. The usual school day

8. Books in my life

9. Thanksgiving Day

10. The perfect house I wish to live it

11. My favourite movie actor

12. The Russian holidays

13. Who is that person I wish to look like?

14. Animals are our best friends

15. What do I know about London?

16. My family

17. My future profession

18. My favourite author

19. I have a right to be different

20. A postcard to my Australian friend

Being in the high school you can enlarge the horizons and write about the same topics but more detailed. You may also discuss the history and mythology, education and science, sport and culture, advertisement and etiquette. Choose any topic from the given below:

1. British media

2. How to save the Earth

3. Endangered species

4. We are the part of the Universe

5. The best movies of the years

6. The Oskars

7. Mythical beings of Great Britain

8. Our hobbies: do the hobbies in different countries differ from each other?

9. The verb and its functions

10. The article and its functions

11. Behaviour at the table

12. The history of international correspondence

13. The oldest post office in the World

14. Good and bad habits

15. Russian New Year’s traditions

If you wish to write about the literature or historical events of your country, you have a huge amount of the outstanding persons who you can tell about. You can also write about theatre and animated cartoons. Do not take these topics unseriously; on the contrary, you are going to become familiar with the difficult and complicated, but very interesting and exciting process of a cartoon creation.

1. Cinema! How did it appear?

2. The imaginary world of Disney

3. American fairy tales and legends

4. Teddy Bear. Is it a symbol of sympathy and unloneliness?

5. The influence of cartoons on the speech of children

6. Animals in Russian proverbs and their English equivalents

7. Do the British believe in superstitions?

8. The ups and downs of Daniel Defoe

9. The contribution of Alfred the Great to the development of the English language

10. The influence of the “Rolling Stones” on the music of the 20th century

11. Literary tricks in the creative work of Daniela Steel

12. International correspondence of the 80s and now

13. Modal verbs in proverbs and sayings

14. Do we need the literature?

15. The prestige of the English language

As far as I was navigating the Internet I managed to find the more and more interesting themes for the project. Every topic I stumbled myself upon kindled my interest and I was going to start working at once. I was about to stop searching but I felt there would be the one theme which would be the best. The one which was waiting for me and I continued my searching. I found the following topics:

1. The Kingdom of English verbs

2. Easter traditions

3. Travelling to the country of the English watches

4. Chemistry in the ordinary life

5. My stemma

6. Healthy food

7. Why am I unique?

8. Madame Tussauds

9. Wanders of nature

10. The country I would like to travel to

11. How do I see myself 5 years from now?

12. My best friend

13. My Hero

14. My shortcomings

15. Russian souvenirs

16. British traditions

17. National medicine of the USA

18. The usage of the words “many” and “much” in English

19. Fast food

20. Music in our life

The most difficult task is done – the topic has been chosen. When you find the topic you feel close to you, it means you already have some ideas about what you will be representing in your English project. It is not difficult to write about the things you are familiar with. But it is difficult to summarize them and create one short title. It is in the title where your teacher or another reader can see what will be represented in the paperwork. Since everyone has its own point of view, it will be more interesting to listen to your opinion concerning the definite topic.