How to Write an Observation Essay

“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you” (c.) Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing


There are a lot of types of essays that students should write. Every type of essay has its own unique particularities that everybody should pay attention to. If you don’t know these particularities, you won’t be able to write an observation paper.

The main goal of the observation paper is to observe some object, idea or event. An observation paper can be different including a naturalistic observations essay, teacher observation essay, etc.


What is an Observation Essay?

When you are writing this paper, this means that you are going to observe some object. This can be an idea, event, or person. In order to write a paper, you should research an object to get to know the details and characteristics of it. This plays a significant role in writing an observation essay. In conclusion, you should pay a lot of attention to the object of your observation. It belongs to descriptive essays and was invented to demonstrate your skills on how you can well provide a reader with an observation of any subject and make conclusions.


How to Write This Type of Essay?

This type of essay has its particularities requiring a significant attention to details and using sensory information. Let’s treat all the particularities in details:

– First of all, you should choose a topic for your paper. In view of that, an observation paper demands a close contact with the object. You need to have an access to be present at this event or observe a person. People, animals, a group of places or events can also play a role of the object.

You can choose any person for your research including a neighbor boy, a professor, a postman, a seller from the supermarket, your relative or friend. They have not to be famous or popular people. Your task isn’t to prove that the object of your paper is outstanding or special, but you should find particularities and specific features of the person, event or idea that you are researching.

– You should pay attention to the bright sensory details and use your personal experience. To write bright characteristics, you should use all sensor feeling to make your essay bright and interesting. You need to dive into the idea or event deeply. You should describe all the details to provide a reader with your imagination. For this, you should explain all the particularities using a taste, sounds, smells and feels. All these characteristics should provide a holistic view of the subject.

When writing this type of essay, it doesn’t mean that you should use five senses of human to describe your subject, but you should make your essay as bright as possible. Before writing an essay, you can concentrate your attention on the subject and do a brainstorm session. This one will help you to answer all the necessary questions. Therefore, you will be able to describe your subject as exactly as possible. A brainstorm session will help you to create an excellent essay including all the characteristics of the object.

Before writing this type of paper, you should concentrate your attention on the subject and its particularities and provide a reader with answers to the next questions:

  • Which associations does this event, person or idea cause?
  • Which feeling does the subject of observation cause?
  • Which mood does an event, person or idea have?
  • Which first impression did the subject of the paper cause?
  • Which conclusion will you make after writing a paper?

When it comes to the observation paper, you should write in the present tense. If you have decided to follow this important tip, you will be able to create a real masterpiece. This literary method allows providing a reader with an event that is unfolding right in front of their eyes. This one adds the effect of the attendance to the essay. An event that you are going to describe may have happened in the past, but in spite of this, you should write in the present tense.

This type of the essay requires a precise description of the object. That’s why you should avoid spreading phrases and unspecified definitions. When you describe some object, you should use the most precise description of the object. You should try not to overload the description with unnecessary information. Also, you should express your feelings using the specified words. For instance, if you describe the taste of the food, you shouldn’t write that potatoes were untasty, you should write that it was too zesty or hot.


Topic Ideas for the Observation Essay

When you have decided to write this type of paper, you should choose a topic idea for your paper. There are a lot of topics suitable for this type of paper. You could choose a topic about the trip to Japan or Japanese traditions, about Japanese nature or particularities of the Japanese people. I can offer the next topic for your paper:

  • A performance is one of the ideas for topics. You can describe a theater performance that you have recently visited. You can observe everything in details including the actors, a level of their playing, decorations, staging, and other components of the performance.
  • A person or a group of people can be a subject of your essay. This is the most popular topic because you can find people wherever you are and it doesn’t cause any difficulties. The subject can be any person including your relatives and friends or a stranger that you have met in the library or supermarket, in the street or on the bus. A really talented writer doesn’t search for something special to describe but finds something special in usual things and people.
  • Nature can also be an object. This topic includes animals, birds, fish, insects, plants, rivers, seas etc. But this topic is the most difficult because it requires a significant attention to the details.