How To Write An Essay About Causes And Effects Of Stress

Essay About Causes And Effects Of Stress

The topic of stressful conditions in life is extremely actual, specifically in the context of many situations in life that bring us stress. For instance, we may have stress at work, when have troubles with preparing urgent reports for the meeting of the Board of Directors of our company. Otherwise, we may just have to experience the divorce of parents that is always stressful for children.

In any case, stress is common in urban life, even when we face staff traffic jams that cause psychological anxiety even in the experienced drivers. Even when people try to hide stress, they should be aware that is better to find out coping mechanisms within oneself to prevent stress to ruin ordinary life.

Stress is actual in the daily routine when people try to burden themselves with many obligations. Stress may be common when people find new work or even when they leave the old one. In any case, stress is a typical reaction to emotional triggers that drive our energy and promote us to live faster.

How to Start an Essay

Commonly, it is better to start with the top-notch introductory paragraph that serves to explicate some useful information related to this topic. For example, at the beginning of an essay, it is essential to explain what is stress and how it is created. It is good to explain regular mechanisms of stress that drives this emotional reaction forward.

Then, in the second part of the introductory paragraph, it is better to start with the well-formulated argument on this topic that highlights the main points of discussion. It would be good to evaluate “pros” and “cons” of stress, in the framework of the most recent psychological controversial issues that are stress-related.

Introduction example

Stress is the well-known regular emotional reaction stimulated by emotional “triggers” (e.g. words, situations, visualized facts, etc.) that motivate secretion of the hormone cortisol in human brain. This motivates people for the unusual activity – screaming, blaming others, fighting, etc. In some cases, stress may come as a matter of fact, but hidden, as it comes without usual emotional reactions. In any case, this type of stress, like any hidden emotional conditions, is harmful for health, for anyway this causes the increased pulse and heart rate and increased brain activity.

The aim of this paper is to discover causes and effects of stress, in the framework of the current psychological discussion. Is stress harmful or is it useful in some cases for the development of personality of an individual? The goal of this paper is to address all these issues in general as they go with particular examples of human behavior.

How to Write a Body of an Essay

The body of the essay should include useful data and information that is relevant to the topic. Specifically, it would be good to get acknowledged with different opinions on stress and its conditional character, as related to human everyday life. For example, on the one hand, it would be useful to present viewpoints of psychologists that stand on the position that stress is harmful to relationships. And, on the other hand, it would be good to present the alternative viewpoint of experts that try to explicate the useful issues of the mechanisms of stress, both in the conditional and unconditional areas.

Body paragraphs example

Some experts are aware that hormone cortisol is useful as it stimulates life style interest activity along with the increased activity of the brain. However, on the other hand, the other scientists present alternative belief, according to which people in stressful conditions tend to live shorter than their peers of the same age, but living in the peaceful conditions. In any case, this area of the variety of opinions is good to present and formulate the objective sample of the complex of viewpoints that are typical for the present time.

It is true that people of different ages nowadays experience to have more of stress than their predecessors in the 19th and 18th century. Many stresses are caused by the extreme urbanization of life that makes people far from staying quiet. For example, in the ages before, women in the age of 30-40 were more likely to have a family with couple of kids playing in the yard, while their mother was cooking a dinner or sitting at the fireplace knitting Christmas Saint Nick socks or embroidering a pillow for the peaceful night sleep.

This was a typical countryside life in the suburbs. Nowadays in the beginning of the 21st century the situation is quite opposite: women in the age of 30-40 are bothered with making career and much influenced by emancipation. So, they are more subjected to stress than females in the years before.

There are many causes of stress that make people wonder how to live without them, without emotional “triggers”. In any case, this is hard to be real: people cannot live without emotionally healthy life, if they want to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

How to Conclude an Essay

In order to conclude on this topic, it would be better to represent the enlisted issues/viewpoints that may not go on through without well-argument decisions. The top-notch conclusions should come with the main points that were put into discussion in the introduction and body paragraphs.

Conclusion Example

Stress is a healthy emotional reaction of the organism of an individual towards various emotional “triggers”. The causes of stress may typically be work-related, personal life related, daily routine related. In any case, conditional or unconditional character of stress may depend on the type of temperament that a concrete personality possesses.

Stress may bring harm and positive effects at the same time. However, for the aged people it may be even death-threatening, for it activates heart rate and pulse of a human body. Therefore, it is essential to study mechanisms of stress better so that to discover both benefits and harms of this condition. As for the future research activity on this topic, it would be beneficial to include both qualitative and quantitative research matters into the broad scientific context to discover the overall potential of stressful situations. They are individual for every person.