How To Write An Analytical Essay

“Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences” (c.) Sylvia Plath

For writers, the writing process is a very important thing like love and air. Every writer has a lot of thoughts they’d like to express. But it’s very important to catch an inspiration before writing. That’s why you should make up your mind to analyze a problem and write down a solution.

What is an analytical essay?

To write something interesting, you should have an exciting idea inspiring you to create a real masterpiece. Before starting to write an analytical essay, you should think about the argument you should review in the paper. In such kind of the essay, you are presenting the audience the argument or claim that you need to analyze in detail. The objective of the paper can be an idea or a social problem requiring a solution or a literature piece, article, another essay, movie or something else. The task of the analytical essay is to cover a topic from the analytical side and attack the problem critically. If you like to critic something, this is the best way to express your thoughts.

From the very beginning, you should divide the topic into several parts and provide the evidence supporting your claim. You can provide a piece of evidence from literature pieces, movies, essays, articles or from your real life. For instance, your analytical thesis sounds like “Nine stories by J. D. Salinger are based on the Zen philosophy.” You analyze a literature piece and offer the reader your thesis statement based on the analyzing of stories.

How to choose a topic?

If you should choose a topic on your own for writing the paper, you have several options to make your essay interesting:

  • When the objective of your analytical essay is a novel or other literature piece, you can research which motivation the lead character or the group of characters has. Also, you can research the main problem which is reflected in the novel or which literary techniques the author uses for emphasizing the problem. Another option for your argumentive essay is how the biography of the writer impacts his pieces. You can also research the composition and subject of the novel.
  • If you are researching a historical event, you can research different sources covering the topic you are interested in. Also, you can research the historic portrait of the USA presidents, etc.
  • When the objective of your essay is scientific research, you should use scientific methods to analyze the results.

Tips on how to write a really good analytical essay

Before writing the paper, you can arrange a brainstorm helping you concentrate on the key moments of your essay helping you create a real masterpiece.

Several tips on how to write an analytical paper:

  • When it comes to the rhetorical analysis, you can review in it how the author uses logical statements to support their arguments. When it comes to the literature piece, you can write down all the main and lesser characters and draw arrows from them to write down all the characteristics of them. In the future, it will help you to analyze the characters. Also, you should pay your attention to the imagery, visuals of the movie or other author’s methods. When it comes to the analysis of the research, you can write down the list of the scientific methods used by the scientist. A mind map is a very useful tool for writers who want to focus on the key moments of their essay and represent them logically and successively.
  • If you have some ideas, metaphors, quotations, pay your attention to those ones which are repeated because they can be very important and worthy of the review in the essay.
  • A brainstorm helping you write an exciting essay! Don’t ignore any idea coming to you. Every idea is worthy of your attention even if it seems to be crazy. Masterpieces are born from crazy ideas.

How to write a thesis statement?

Initially, I’d like to explain what a thesis statement means. This is a claim you will review in your paper consisting of one or two sentences. This one helps the target audience understand what your paper is about and which topic you will develop in it. Avoid obvious facts or thoughts in your statements. For instance, “The novel by Onore de Balzac “Gobseck” develops a topic of human greed.” It’s better when you provide a more complicated statement. It can sound like “Honore de Balzac satirizes the human greed through the central character of the novel “Gobseck” and background characters including countess Anastasie de Restaud.”

There are several main features of the thesis statement:

  • It should be an analytical statement because the main task of your essay is to examine a text.
  • It should be arguably not a pure fact. You should cover one side of the arguable statement.
  • It should be laconic and narrow to fit the topic of the paper. Review not the problematics of the novel “Gobseck” in whole, but review particular features of one or several characters through the subject of the novel.

Example of the analytical essay on the topic “The human greed in the novel by Onore de Balzac “Gobseck”

It’s not a man who has little, but who desires more, that is poor. (c.) Seneca

There are a lot of human diseases in the world, and one of them is a human greed. Whiles children in Africa die from the hunger, rich people can waste a lot of money on unnecessary things without they can live. So that, a human greed is a very serious human problem that people have to fight against. One of the most famous writers of the realism has reviewed this problem in his literature masterpiece “Gobseck”. Honore de Balzac satirizes the human greed through the central character of the novel “Gobseck”.

Having analyzed the main character of the novel, one can say that Gobseck has wasted all his life for the acquisition of the wealth. He is a money-lender charging huge rates from his customers. Also, he is a business speculator who faces crooked deals. His favorite business except charging huge rates is holding precious things. He has reached the wealth, and his life philosophy is not to help other people, because “adversity is the greatest of all teachers”.

During all the story readers are able to see that this character is consistent in his principles and successful due to their greed and the aspiration to money-grubbing. But at the end of the story, we can see that he fails in his enterprise. The house where he has lived is full of old foodstuff. Also during his life, he has collected a lot of precious objects including gold and other material assets. He can’t propagate anybody all these things because he has not any relatives, friends and close people. In such a way, the author emphasizes the poorness of the main character’s soul and ridicules the human greed.

In conclusion, Honore de Balzac makes the people think about the consequences of the human avarice and aspiration to money-grubbing. A man who has a lot of friends and close people is really rich not that who has a lot of money.