How to Write a Military Essay 

military essay


Do you want to be in the army? Looking for tips and exclusive info on military essay writing? 

It goes without mentioning that military service is important for the United States, Italy, Iceland. In other words, any country value MS as a treasure. Why? Because officers dedicate years or whole lives to protect citizens. It’s called to be a huge heroism, courage and courage worth attention. Moreover, these brave people pay attention to ensure nobody and nothing threatens their state’s integrity.

Do you want to be enrolled to military? Then it is very important to see that knowledge is a must. You have to be aware of your country’s history from A to Z and they have to be aware of all things that happen in the present to be able to foresee the future. There is a rumor abroad that if you do not know your past, you won’t be able to ‘write’ your future.

Since keeping a finger on the pulse is just crucial in order to avoid mistakes, taking into attention even the smallest facts and events. It is very important. Are you going to be in the army? Then you need to know how to express your thoughts and be a part of a great team in your country.

Those who strive to be a part of the team in the army, has to be aware of current situation in economics, polities and must keep a finger on the pulse on other spheres of life in the country.

Since writing an essay is not easy and working on military essay is even more complicated, we have prepared for you a short guide to share some tips and piece of advice which will help you to write a military essay from the scratch.

Talk Positively About Your Military Experiences

Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes in the military can easily list their complaints, but what about the positive experiences? As a service member you were taught leadership skills, problem-solving techniques and focused discipline. Ok, when it comes to a simple college essay, you are able to add some info on your personal projects that you were sticked. What stands for writing such essay? You have to pay attention to your own life, own experience, own goals and demonstrate that you think positively.

you may add some info on projects that you were in charge. But writing a military essay you need to pay attention to your experience and demonstrate what you took previously.

College admission board members are looking for college students who are mature leaders for their campuses. That’s a positive asset for veterans looking to attend college, write about this advantage in your essay.

The military essay is a must if you strive to be a military since it helps you to explain your goals, to show how you can plan your life in 5-10 years, how you will cope with difficulties and why it is you who has to be chosen for the army.

Now lets start with a few tips we want to share with you to give you a bigger understanding of military essay.


1) Avoid so-named alphabet soup

Since you’re working on military essay, we clearly understand it is hard to get rid of the bad old habit. The major thing to keep in mind is you should remove any military jargon from your paper. It goes without mentioning. All those acronyms cannot be to your essay simply because it’s an academic paper.

What will happen if you write OCONUS or other in your paper? Well, you won’t be accepted and the university staff will be confused. This is the minimum which can happen to you. That is why we recommend to proofread your essay twice for military-speak and do your best to translate it to normal, style — academical.


2) Do your best to talk positively about your military experiences

Even though there were bad times! Anyone who has spent more than 10 mins in the army can easily start with a huuuuuuge list of complaints, but if you start with advantages and experiences, you will stand out.

Since you’re going to be a service member, you will be taught leadership skills, focused disciple and other subjects like problem-solving techniques. Since in your college application essay, you wanted to present something about your past, projects and you could provide an estimation to it, when it comes to military, try to speak positively about your life experiences.

As for college admission members, the whole board is looking for students who are real, mature and who can enter their campus with high ambitions. It goes without mentioning that high ambitions are nothing is you think negatively. Write about your pros, advantages and you will stand out amongst many other people who want to be enrolled.


3) Focus on your personal challenges

If we compare military essay with other types of papers, it is all about challenges. It is not a joke, it is the truth. It means that spending some time in order to discuss personal tasks you have got over. You saved someone’s life? Gained 20 pounds of muscles? Made 10,000 $ in a month? Count all of your special challenges and describe how exactly you worked them out. If you are a veteran or you have been in the military for ages, you need to share your challenges by all means.

Some people have been in the army for 6, 7 years — it is a lifetime and we are confident each of such militaries have something to share. When it comes to your exposure and stressful circumstance, you need to look through them, take your time and think how can you present them as personal challenges. Do not discuss your past challenges as your college application essay. The major difference in this type of the essay is that you are a military and you must show things you have stood against.


Even though it’s a military essay, it still needs structure. Research material must be presented in the body section, introduction has to take reader’s attention and show why he should keep on reading the paper.