Effective Tips on How to Write a High School Essay

Writing such a paper can be a much more difficult task than the tasks you had before. It needs more time and concentration, makes you analyze complex social issues, and requires doing a deep research. If you can handle all of it, you are ready for writing a good academic paper.

Define the Main Type of Your Essay

There are several types of such papers, and each of them can have its subtypes. If you have an assignment given by your teacher, you should clearly understand its type because it provides you with requirements and the direction for the further work. If you don’t have information about the needed type of your paper, ask your instructor about it.

Expository essays are needed to investigate and explain your topic, you use arguments not to prove your opinion but to give your readers more information on the subject of your story.

Persuasive essays are used to convince readers of something. You don’t just present your point of view but also try to prove and show that it is the only right position.

Narrative essays are used to tell readers about your personal experience. They are like stories from your past but with focusing on certain details.

Descriptive essays are created to provide your readers with the very clear and detailed description of something, you tell them about what you have seen or read earlier and how did you feel it.

Do a Deep Research on the Topic

To support your position and statement, you have to use arguments. To find arguments, you need to find reliable sources. You can do it by conducting a research, it helps you to collect information on your topic, consider which parts of it will be the most valuable for your essay.

There are many ways to find arguments and facts for the body of your paper. Start with looking in the database of your university and online libraries, and when you find everything you could, you can also do additional research in traditional libraries.

Decide what you are going to use in your essay, you shouldn’t add everything you found to your paper, only the most significant parts of the information. They should also be relevant to your topic, the thesis statement, and other parts of your paper.

Write the Beginning

Your high school essay should start with the traditional beginning, that includes the introduction. This helps you to represent your point of view and the main questions of your paper, tell readers how you will give answers to them, and how this work can be useful for them.

There are many guides on how to create the beginning of your paper. It is very significant because if you write the first sentences of your work, you should already know what you will mention in your body paragraphs. Help your readers and explain what they can read in this paper depending on their objectives.

Create the Outline

Choose a few main ideas of your document and create a section for each of them, then, divide each section into several paragraphs and consider what you will write in each of them. It helps you to create an outline and make it ready for writing the main content of your paper.

It is not always easy to create a good structure from the first try. You can edit it several times until you think that your outline is good and you can proceed with writing the content for it.

Write the Main Paragraphs

Fill each section with content, add paragraphs that support each of your ideas. If needed, you can also add figures and tables to visualize information. Don’t make too small or too big paragraphs, because too small blocks don’t contain much information for readers and too big make your document harder to understand.

Check that there are logical connections between all the paragraphs in your document. Make references for all a works cited and create inline quotations if needed.

Write a Conclusion and Revise Your Essay

To add a summary for your paper, you have to go back to the beginning and other sections of it. Write a conclusion that would reflect your thesis statement. It has to show how your arguments helped to prove your opinion and each main idea you presented.

If you need to write a good high school English language essay, you should also read it after writing. You may notice a lot of errors, grammar mistakes, illogical moments, and incorrect formatting. Revise your text and fix all these errors before your teachers see them.

There are many spellcheckers buy you should do additional checking after it. Even the best software may not recognize a few errors because it doesn’t understand human language well.

What You Shouldn’t Do When Writing This Paper

Don’t use too many arguments and facts, most usually, the number of words is limited, so you can’t put everything you want into your essay. Consider what information is the most valuable and connected with your topic sentences.

Don’t use too many cliches, make your paper original and try to create the unique content for it. There is no meaning in writing this document if it’s not any different from hundreds of similar papers.

Don’t copy other sources unless you create references to them. If you just use information from books and don’t create citations for them, your work will contain plagiarism that can be easily recognized with the special software.

Don’t write about things that are not connected with your essay and its main claim, you have a subject that has to be described so everything you write should be focused on the main idea of your document.

To write an essay, you have to do a really good research. When you prepare to writing a paper, you should investigate your subject well and find a lot of information about it. Don’t use just one or two sources. Read dozens of sources and consider what they mean for your essay.

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