How To Write a Good Essay Title

As the book is judged by its name or cover, academic papers are judged by their titles. This short sentence is responsible for many things. It gives your readers information on the goals of your essay, its key statement, and let them know if they should read it. By writing a good title, you increase the value of your paper. If you don’t know how to do it correctly, just read a few tips, then apply them in practice.


Why Do You Need a Good Title

Your paper is not just a small piece of writing that you write to get a good grade and forget about it. It is a step to improving your writing skills and creating better essays every month, it can also be used by other people who work in different science fields. They may think that your ideas are interesting.

As a good name of a film or album make people watching or listening to it, a good title for the essay makes people read it. If you are going to be read and heard, and you add significant ideas to your document, you need to attract the people who can be interested in it. Start with creating a good topic because it’s the first thing they see.

If you buy a bottle with the picture of milk on it, and when you open it, there is orange juice inside, you would be very angry; your readers would be angry too if your topic will not be relevant to the content of your paper. The topic should represent your paper, be relevant to its sections, and present a lot of information with details to your readers.

If you publish your essay in the university online database, you want it to be found by others. If you don’t optimize the title of the essay and key words or sentences of your work, it would be much difficult to find it. That is why you should work when thinking about how to title for an essay before putting it into the database.

Every student should obtain the art of creating good names for their papers. It improves your skills and helps to write more interesting topics every time you get an assignment. With time, you will create excellent works for different courses and teacher will notice your skills of writing original titles.


Examples of a Title

These are a few examples that you can use for inspiration. Notice that each assignment has its requirements and different papers need different types of titles; they can be short or long, neutral or personal, depending on the type of your paper and your objectives when writing it.

– The Benefits of Homeschooling for Introvert Children in comparison with Other Forms of Education.

– The Conventions of Shakespearean Comedy.

– The History of Rap Music and its Influence on Society.

– Drinking Coffee for Students Is More Healthy than Drinking Tea.

– The Key Influence of the Global Warming.

– The Most Notable Education Problems in Asian Countries caused by the Culture and Politics.

– Wearing uniforms at Schools Is Not Necessary.

– Why Is Studying of the History Needed for Modern People?

– Fast Food Should Be Forbidden at All Schools Because It Is Bad for Children Health.

– People Should Not Be Able to Register On Facebook until they finish school.


What Makes Your Title Good

It should grab the attention of the reader from the first time when they see it. There are many ways to do it, like using appropriate words and adding popular trends. It should spark interest in them and make them think “What an interesting beginning, let us see what can I find in this essay”.

It should also be believable. If you create a sentence like “What if all of us are aliens” or “The evidence of that WW II never happened”, you would attract many people but most of them would think that your story is a fake.

The sentence should be easy to read. If it contains many long or obsolete words, it would be hard to use it and the interest of people would be smaller. Check if the tone of your topic is relevant to its type and content and by reading the topic your readers understand the style of the essay.

Make it brief. Many students try to add a huge piece of information in the titles of their essays, the result is big and informative but too wordy sentence. The big number of words doesn’t increase the quality of the main topic.

It should also present a particular idea and thesis statement. Don’t write two or more ideas because it would be difficult for readers to focus on all of them, and if each section of your essay represents its idea, find out what is common for them and use it for creating a good title for a paper.


What Words Should You Use in Your Title

Start with defining the most notable keywords of your essay. Find out what you are writing about, what other words are associated with it, what words represent each of your ideas, and when you have the list of such words, it would be easier for you to make a sentence of them.

You should also provide focus keywords for your work. If you tell your readers what you are writing about, you also have to tell them the context of it, where and when it would be relevant. For example, if you have an essay about school, you can specify the country, region, place, and time period that you are focused on.

You can also use other catchy words that are relevant to your content and useful for your readers. Don’t use these words if they’re not needed, when you already have many keywords and can combine them into your title.


How to Write The Great Title for Different Types of Essays

If you need to work on an argumentative paper, the main sentence should represent your opinion. You shouldn’t make it neutral but highlight your position. It would help you to concentrate on your claim and show your readers what is your side in the discussion.

If you have a task to write an informative paper, make its title more neutral, it shouldn’t present your own opinion but only reflect the main subjects of your piece of writing. It needs to be relevant to the information you provide in the main sections.

The name of our essay can represent its type. If this is a comparison and contrast essay, you can add a “comparison” word there, it also works with “discuss”, “analyze”, and other words.

If you need to title an essay on politics or religion, try to be very polite with it. If they disagree with your position, it may make them aggressive or violent, add more neutrality to the sentence and don’t try to speculate on popular controversies.

You should also use the guidelines and ask your professor or teacher for assistance. There may be requirements for your title and you should take them into account.


Bad Practices in Writing Titles

It would be a mistake to ignore the type and needs of your audience, and if you try to write a sentence that will catch all the people, it would be difficult to do it. Consider who are your readers, what they like to do, what would be interesting for them to read, what styles of writing are the most readable for them, and what they want to get from your paper. It will help you to create a sentence focused on catching your audience.

Students also like to use already used titles. If the name of your paper is too similar to names of papers written by other students, it would cause different issues. It can be considered as plagiarism and reduce the quality of your writing. It would be also more difficult to find your essay in online databases if its topic is not original.

When you think on a possible title for your work, you should not make it too small or too big because if it’s too small, it can’t be much specific and contain the necessary information. If it’s too big, it would be difficult to read and understand the main ideas.

If you start writing your work and have a title that sounds good, it doesn’t mean that it will satisfy you later. After completing your paper, read your topic several times again and check if it’s still good for you. If not, don’t be afraid to revise it, make it more catchy or informative.

If you still don’t get what is a good title, think of reading examples, it could be a good start and you will find a lot of smart ideas for your essay. Look how other writers create a catchy title, how would they create a paper about interesting things, and how do they make their topic informative.