How to Write a Good Conclusion Sentence

Every paperwork consists of the following parts: Introduction, Main Part and Conclusion. And every part is important in its own way, but it is a Conclusion that makes your essay complete. Take the end of the essay as a bow on a beautifully wrapped gift It connects all your ideas together and summarizes everything that was mentioned in your essay. Having done some work, you can decorate your essay with a wonderful ending, like a cake decorated with a cherry.

Conclusion, like other compositional parts of an essay, can be presented in one of two variants: standard or original.

A standard conclusion can be given as a Summary. This is a most usual way to finish the paperwork but the most difficult. In this situation, you summarize the previously provided information but you have to be attentive not to repeat the ideas which have been told before and not to step aside from the topic of your work.

The final sentences can be presented as a Call for something. You may call your reader to take care of something, to respect or not to forget something, etc. You can also express your hope and will use the most advantageous options for the final part because it helps you avoid ethical and logical errors. In order to have a good conclusion, you need to express a positive hope.

The Examples of Standard Conclusion


So, what is the most important in our life? I think this is faith. It is faith that makes people live and hope for the best. Sometimes faith can save someone’s life or make someone kinder to surrounding people. It is faith that helps people keep on going through the obstacles and not to give up. This is what our life is inconceivable without. 


In conclusion, I’d like to ask each and every one to take care of nature. No one can save it but us, humans. Nature gives us everything: food, clothes, building materials and life. That is why it is our duty to give it a kind feedback. Let’s do the utmost for its preservation and the concerns about global warming will disappear!

Expression of Hope

Summarizing the above mentioned, I want to express my sincere hope that every family will be happy. I want to believe that children in those families will be smiled always. I want to believe that love, care, sensitivity will be the most important elements in the relations between people.


The original Conclusion can be given as Quotation, which has appropriate meaning. Its meaning is to correspond to the main idea of the essay. NB! You cannot use a quote just because it contains a keyword. You should always take into account the general meaning of the chosen quote.

Below you will find an abstract from the essay and the conclusion to it in the form of quotation:

I am walking along the streets and enjoying the lights in the houses windows. I want to believe that families, living there are happy: they are having supper around the table and discussing the recent news. I want to believe, their homes are full of care, love and respect. Thus, mutual understanding and support are of great importance in human life. Exactly, for this reason, famous. Richard Bach claimed: “The bond that links your true family is not one of. blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.”

If you think that your essay is not as successful as it could be, do the most intensive brainstorming to create a good conclusion. It will make the whole work more qualitative.

A great way to come up with an ending is to imagine that your reader has read your work and is asking you: “So what?” Answer this question and think why should your ideas be important to the reader? What can you write in the final sentence to convince him or her to believe in your ideas and arguments?

When you ask yourself that question you have a possibility to look much deeper into your thoughts and ideas.

Always keep in mind that the final sentence of the essay should let the reader understand that everything has already been said and there is nothing more to talk about. It should flow smoothly out of the text and be stylistically similar.


There are the following recommendations on how to make the last sentence of your work complete and unforgettable:

  1. Highlight the main ideas of your paperwork. The better you understand what the main ideas of your essay are, the better you realize what you should include in the final part.
  2. Start with a small transition sentence. This can be a hint to the reader that you are going to complete your essay.
  3. Avoid such phrases as “In conclusion”, “Summing it up”, “To summarize”, etc. The frequent use of them is already considered clichés.
  4. Be concise. There is no definite rule regarding the length of your ending, but for most essays, a good recommendation is that your ending should be about 5-7 sentences.
  5. Check that you include the theses if any. Keep in mind that the thesis is the main topic of your work. If the reader still does not understand it, you did not deliver the message well.
  6. Avoid the retelling of the thesis. Instead, try to bring the reader to a “new level” in your ending, or provide a deeper insight into your main idea.
  7. Do not focus on a minor idea. The ending is just the chance to take a look at your essay from another viewpoint.
  8. Do not use the words “At first,” “Secondly”, “Thirdly”, to identify the items.

It should be a pleasure to read your story and discuss it. Do not bother your reader with a simple listing of your ideas. Use a clear, precise language, and avoid the incoherent sentences with too long words.