How to Write a Good Abortion Essay 

 Abortion Essay Guide

Pregnancy interruption allowance is a frequently employed subject for a controversial writing since it’s always an actual, significant and debatable issue. As any writing on a sensitive theme, it requires maturity and maliciously chosen words supported by weighty evidence to avoid a wrathful rejection. Apply the following tips to create a quality abortion argumentative essay.

Paper fundamentals and purposes 

The essence of an argumentative essay is a writer’s opinion presentation on a particular theme that should be sustained by the multitudinous pieces of evidence. It should be specifically stated to convince any reviewer of its validity and emphasize its characteristics which makes this statement the best standpoint among alternatives. Consequently, this type of academic writing demands the scrupulous examination of the subject and available judgments and speculations among specialists and society throughout. As a basis, a writer can also take statistics founded on events calculations or surveys.

There are two evident fundamental views on adoption: contra and pro. For strong essays submission what you need is to select the most appealing side for you if it’s not specified when you settle on how to write an argumentative essay on abortion. On this occasion, you’ll be able to guarantee an emotive paper ground which is a significant conviction attribute.

Pro-choice essay 

The choice position group goal is to distribute the manipulation legality worldwide. They are forming the stance on logical explanations like the solicitude for mother’s physical health on occasions of pregnancy difficulties and psychologic well-being if the gestation isn’t a result of a voluntary selection. The considerations also regard unborn children future regarding the ailments that can be transmitted genetically or by blood and indwelling conditions that can transform the life into a not lasting battle.

Selecting a choice essay and writing can be precarious. You should seek for and specify what you have picked this position for and provide the full review on the subject along with explicit affirmations and their ironclad proofs to diminish the prejudgement influence on the written paper you need for assessment

Pro-life essay 

The part of the society that’s voting against the fetus removal procedure is more radical and openly condemn the opposite position. Its opinion is mostly based on sensitivity, ethics, morality and religion. That’s why to create powerful essays taking this side is easier. The abortion is considered as a crime that implies an assassination of a defenseless human being. Other provided reasoning concern the artificiality of the operation that can cause harmful consequences to the woman’s health and psychological equilibrium.

Topics for abortion essays 

An area of credible work topics is comprehensive albeit there are two key standpoints exclusively. The variety is ensured by the numerous angles to look at the subject from, including historical, juridical, devotional, societal, demographical, environmental, ethical, medicinal aspects and specifics. The paper details can contain brief mentioning of all of them or make an accent on one in the presence of others as auxiliary affirmations. Browse the successive list of appropriate themes for this type of paper writing:



1. Childbirth and women’s rights extension

2. Countries with population regulations

3. Geneva Convention should widen the abortion clause

4. The humanity size and globe resources

5. The novations of fetus removal procedure



1. Abortions and world religions

2. Embryo removal: difficulties and consequences

3. A choice or a crime?

4. Historical forced misbirth law variations

5. Young mothers should have welfare payouts


Abortion essay introduction 

The preamble should laconically depict the upcoming content and proclaim the writer’s opinion on the discussed topic without insights. It should ensure the concernment in the delivering information with an attention hook like an expert quote, an excerpt of sacred texts or a statistical fact. The introduction to an essay about abortion can commence like (pro-choice stance):

In accordance with Women on Waves records, tentatively 25% of the world’s population lives in states with extremely restrictive abortion laws. This segment includes countries of Latin America, North Africa, Middle East, etc. albeit the political, economic, military and weather instability in the regions. 

Abortion essay thesis statement 

The main body of the paper should be based on a point + support logic and have consistent narration ensured by a fitting structure. To cover the topic extensively, it should contain the problem background, reasons for and the issue in the subject that should be resolved with the provided by the writers’ resolution or reconsidered according to their opinion.

Counterarguments should also be the part of the section. They should authentically be represented yet in the way that they’ll work in favor of the primary affirmation. A thesis statement for argumentative essays on abortion should reveal less known facts for the issue and apply rhetorical strategies for catching the audience’s focus and tend the persuasive aim of the paper.


Abortion essay conclusion 

A brief but communicatory summary and the opinion adoption consequences or prospects mold the conclusion on abortion essay writing. It should emphasize the viewpoint worth and successful implementation instances to complete the convincing paper goal.


Abortion essay outline 

To write the effective abortion essay, commence with the outline that should comprise issues you’re willing to cover or queries that require answers in each paper division. Define the topic and select your standpoint to differentiate the field range that should be examined. Determine the appropriate structure pattern that will present the fitting pro-con-refutation variation for the theme.

Review the plan example for the pro-life position.

Topic: Abortions and world religions

Introduction: The taboo procedure. Quotes from holy books and the statistical reflection of the statement distribution.

Main Body: Pro-Con template. Abortion limitations and their origins in major religions.

Conclusion: The magnitude of authorizing laws to ensure the regulations.


The necessity and morality of the fetus removal procedure will remain the controversial subject in the current world development conditions. That’s why the paper writers should contemporaneously be persuasive and versatile to invoke to people’s minds and actually induce some changes.