Fitness For Life Essay

Essay About Fitness For Life

There are many educational websites, books and academic journals on fitness, however, there is a lack of information on fitness for life. It is hard to neglect that fitness for life is good, but the main trend is fitness for health and fitness for a nice body. Many people train intensively (5-6 workouts a week) to lose or to gain weight. Another problem is that there are many folks (mostly young women) which use fitness intensively and it’s their part of disease — anorexia or bulimia.

That is why the whole topic is relevant. To write an excellent paper on fitness for life, a student has to pay enough attention to the concrete academic journals and could add some actual interviews. Self-made fitness gurus would be the best way to get unique information on fitness for life.

How to start an essay

Starting an essay on fitness for life, define 2-3 main thoughts you want to provide to your readers. Do you want to talk about how good fitness for life is or you want to deliver that fitness for life is not necessary and can bring a lot of bad? It’s important to see which thoughts you want to highlight because you’ll need to prove them in your essay. It does not matter you’re about to write an argumentative essay or it’s just a small essay for your school get-together, you must clearly understand your thoughts.

Another advice is to deliver your thesis in the introduction. It will help to show readers – at the beginning- your position, your argumentative direction and some theories you want to argue with. Mention that you will use special materials in your essay (for instance, interview or some before and after photos).

Introduction example

It is no surprise that fitness is one of the hottest trends in the 21st century. However, there are many controversial points which should be discussed. Today fitness is to be something necessary and if somebody does not like fitness, it is not accepted by society. Healthy eating, fitness, and supplements came into our life not that far — only 50 years ago. However, today we clearly understand that psychological pressure is really high when it comes to this topic.

In this essay, we are about to discuss what attitude has to be provided to fitness for life, how people in society have to reply if they were bulled by this topic and which perspectives fitness for life will have in the future. Even this topic has not been researched much, we will do our best to show why it is relevant and needs our attention. In our essay, we will use before and after pictures, interviews, and other additions to show why fitness for life is an actual topic and which sides of this topic need our attention.

How to write a body of an essay

Writing a body of an essay is an essential part. There are three things you have to keep in mind. Initially, you have to have enough time to write a good body paragraph. It is the most important paragraph in the whole essay and you should be prepared. The second thing to remember is to gather enough sources to write a good body paragraph. Use e-books (you can find them in your university library), check academic journals and newspapers.

You may even use YouTube, but you must provide all links in format http:/// and on and on. For more information on links check your style (MLA, APA or other) guide to make proof you will deliver your paper in the needed format. The third thing to remember is that your paragraph has to present at minimum three main thoughts you want to share in your essay. The best thing is to show the advantages, disadvantages and another (your own) view on fitness for life. This approach will bring you A or A+ mark.

Body paragraphs example

It is a well-spread myth that fitness is always for health. As we can see from Johnson (2003), fitness is being taken by the majority of Americans as something positive. However, we have to remember that any activities including fitness has the flip side of the coin. For instance, Sam (2012) claims that the majority of young women in California who have anorexia use fitness as their primary activity since it helps to lose weight. Another researcher Kane (2008) says that fitness for life and especially jogging may cause serious problems with legs.

People who are obsessed with jogging and marathons can have weak knees and serious problems with joints after their 60s. It is critically important to understand that fitness is a great activity which can raise the quality of our lives, however, there has to be a good measure for everyone. Everyone has to set his own schedule taking into account his physical background, risks, diseases and in the future. It is just one of those rules people have to follow making their training plan.

How to conclude an essay on this topic

Concluding your essay will take time. We do not recommend to write a conclusion even before you start your essay — some people do it following thought to save time. The secret is that you cannot write a good conclusion before you are aware of all the facts before you have seen all the sources. Before you start to write a conclusion, take a piece of paper and write down all the thoughts you want to be in your conclusion. Plus you must read your essay one more time and highlight some ideas which should be in this part.

For instance, if you have found some shocking facts, do not hesitate to include them to your conclusion. It is hard to argue that this part of the essay is the most important — professors usually pay attention to the body and conclusion paragraph. Keep in mind that it’s also the paragraph that will be stuck in mind because it’s the last paragraph.

Conclusion example

To summarize, fitness for life is one of the most relevant topic of nowadays. However, as we have seen from our research there are advantages and disadvantages to this activity. The major advantage is that fitness brings endorphins, set a positive attitude to life and allows us to be healthy.

The main disadvantage of fitness is that it can be used as a supplement to such diseases as bulimia and anorexia. To sum up, before using any work out program, one has to check his fitness background and get a consultation with his doctor to make sure it will not do him bad. Fitness for life is good, but we must take a responsible approach to it to squeeze maximum positive from it.