Extended Essay Topics

Writing an essay may seem to be easy, but as a fact, it may take long days to complete your term paper or academic paper. It all starts with the topic. Since we live in a rushing world where new subjects are being born every day (and universities start up new faculties just like that, choosing a topic for your paper is probably the most significant thing ever.

You may ask your advisor how to write a paper, you can ask for help to edit the paper, but when it comes to the topic, we recommend to choose it on your own.

Why? Because the better topic you choose, the more interesting essay you will provide. It does not matter it is your senior year, you are going to complete your diploma or you just need a regular essay for an English literature class.

Choosing a good topic is half of success. We have prepared for you 50+ extended essay headings so you will be able to choose the best. Writing process will be easier and faster if you pick a topic you like and will do your best to narrate it.

Here are some choose-and-write topics you may choose: 



1. How a plant grows differently when it must share its habitat with other plants? 

2. How to store cow milk to avoid risks 

3. Can photosynthesis take place without sunlight — true or false? 

4. How our bad habits change human body? 

5. How does habitat affect an organism? 

6. What is the difference between aquatic plants and land plants? 

7. Remote pollination — is it real? 

8. Drugs and human brain: how various types after it. 

9. Top 10 plants disease 

10. Can we manufacture flowers in the future?



1. Racial conflict: is it still relevant in the 20th century? 

2. People of the world and their spirituality attitudes 

3. Diversity in ethnic and sexual identity in the mid-1990s 

4. Social Darwinism — how the idea got into the politics 

5. Language function: how a language can help to form our society? 

6. How does media all over the world influence our everyday life 

7. Female empowerment in Games of Thrones 

8. Female empowerment in English novels 

9. Why learning English and other languages are important? 

10. How can foreign languages improve our life? 



1. How our continents came to their location (present-day)? 

2. Location of industries in Europe and the USA: which factors influence? 

3. Economic development in the world: what is the impact of the environment? 

4. Cultural interaction between the neighboring nations 

5. Does geography affect relationships between people? 

6. Is that true that gendered economy has a connection to geography? 

7. Oceanography and its importance for preserving the quality of water (UAE) 

8. How are nations of the world with access to the sea differ from ones without 

9. The knowledge of the terrestrial crust has evolved in the past century 

10. Seabed: why it is important to explore it.


English Literature

1. How can English literature of the 18th century affect our today? 

2. Religion and religious character in English literature of the 19th. 

3. Racism illustrated by James Baldwin. 

4. Facts to find out: exploring Jane Austen 

5. Noblemen and noble traits in English literature illustrated by a few characters characters 

6. Inanimate objects in English literature of the 17th century 

7. William Shakespeare’s secret: the hidden author 

8. How English literature has affected European and US literature in the past? 

9. TOP-15 books in English literature everyone has to read 

10. English literature and French literature: 5 differences 


Funny Extended Topic Essays

If you are free to choose any topic or you have kind of a funny class, we recommend paying attention to these sarcastic topics. At first sight, they may seem very unserious, but just start writing and you will see how many arguments you can find.


1. Why people watch funny videos? 

2. Can the customer be wrong? Or is he always right? 

3. What is love? 

4. How watching love movies affect our brains? 

5. Why is smoking good for some people? 

6. How computer games affect our lives (advantages and disadvantages) 

7. The history of the supermarkets. Do they have to exist today? 

8. Are people who have domestic animals are kinder? 

9. What will be the next invention in the digital world? 

10. The smartphone of the future: what would it look like? 


As you can understand from the topics above, it does not matter you are going to write an essay on geography or you want to write on English literature. Look through these topics one more time and you will really catch some ideas to start writing your essay.

A good topic, a topic you are interested in is a half of success, that is why we recommend not to hurry and take your time choosing a direction for your academic essay.

Do not hesitate and choose one of our extended essay topics. Gather all required sources, write your paper attentively and always proofread it. Believe us, the result will exceed your expectations and your professor will give you grade A or A+ for the paper.