Classification Essay Writing Guide


Classification Essay Writing Guide


A standard essay in academic levels of any student is a classification essay. It is written in high schools, colleges, and other learning institutions. This type of essay which is written as an academic paper has one primary goal, classifying the subject or the topic of the essay. The topic may be centered on ideas, objects, or characters of people or animals.


Writing a Classification Essay

In your classification essay, you should sort out categories according to their commonness. Each category should be in its own elaborated paragraph and supported by examples if possible. It is important while writing the classification essay to mention the classes on the subject as a way of introducing the essay.

Writing a classification essay can seem challenging. However, following these guidelines will help you to know how to write a classification essay in a way it should be and attain an ‘A’ class in your grades. Remember, the word classification means merely categorizing or putting things in their specific order of the group. Simply that! Any essay writing must have a systematic way of doing it. A classification essay is not different either, and therefore you should follow these steps while writing it:

Before embarking on writing your classification essay, spend time brainstorming and researching to know what you need to do precisely and have a classification essay idea to develop a flowing essay.


Now that you know what classification is all about, what you need to do next is to have an outline. Just like in any other essay, writing an outline for your classification essay is equally essential. It should be your sketch on what to cover while writing your essay. It will help you in organizing your thoughts, presenting your ideas in a compelling way and with a smooth, natural flow, organizing your thesis and planning for the conclusion.

Regular classification essay topics for students that are successful and mostly achieve grade ‘A’ must stand on four pillars. These are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Thesis Statement
  3. Body
  4. Conclusion




  • Introduce the subject or topic – Food and Nutrition


Introduction Tips

The wellbeing of a good and healthy body depends on a balanced diet. Eating a balanced diet provides the body with carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Also, minerals and vitamins are equally essential for growth and proper function of the body. A nutritious meal is then the collection of different types of foods that balance the five nutrients in a meal.

There is a wide variety of foods nature has given us that we can use at different meals and still cover all the nutrients needed in the body while enjoying different tastes.


Thesis Statement

You need to come up with a ‘killer’ classification essay thesis statement. Every instructor or examiner will give a high grade or a lower grade depending on a strong or a weak thesis statement.


  • Example:

Thesis Statement – There are seven vital nutrients in a proper diet, but the three main categories of nutrients are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.



You will then expand the body and segment it into other smaller elements noting that you are writing a classification essay and you need to categorize your subject. In this case, then, you will need to have segments of the body for each category.


If we continue with the example given on introduction, and you need to write on the three categories, then you may take the main nutrients which are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. These three categories will have a segment each on the body part of classification essay writing to end up with three smaller sections in the body.


  • Example:

Category 1 – Fats

Item A – Saturated Fats

Item B – Unsaturated Fats

(Mini introduction on fats)

There are two classes of fats which are saturated fats and unsaturated fats. Saturated fats are fats that are in solid form on normal room temperature while unsaturated fats are always in liquid form on normal room temperature.


After the mini introduction, you may then expound on the two items; Saturated fats and unsaturated fats and also make an introduction for each item. Then under each item give the sources of foods for the two items.


  • Example:

Introduction of Saturated Fats and the sources of this type of fats:

While saturated fats have good value in a healthy body, frequently eating of this type of fat can cause health issues in blood vessels and even the heart.


The sources of Saturated Fats are;

  1. Dairy foodsCommon fat milk, ghee, cream, butter, cheese
  2. MeatFatty cuts of meat such as beef, mutton, pork, chicken skin
  3. LardFat from insides of a pig


Saturated Fats:

Introduction of Unsaturated Fats and the sources of this type of fats, and you may continue as in the above-given example.



The conclusion is another ‘killer’ part of writing a classification essay. Leave your instructor or examiner with a reminiscent end. While doing that, be sure to note the key points of the body and summarize on them. Again you need to be on the point without elaborating as this otherwise it will not be a summary. You need to capture every critical point in one paragraph of about four lines or less.


What you should know is that the main purpose of a conclusion is to restate your thesis statement in short, summarize the body of your essay and while doing that make sure to leave your instructor or examiner with an impression.


Conclusion Tips

A classification essay is not much different from the other type of essay that one is used to writing in all the academic levels. The only thing that may seem unusual is writing on the many small segments of the topic. If not adequately outlined, this type of essay writing can lose one to deviate from the main topic.

Remember, your thesis statement, and your conclusion must be well written since this is the main on-point for your grading with most examiners. If you have to establish yourself in classification essay writing, you need to do an intense practice on writing several of them. You never know, one of the topics you one day practiced on might be your academic classification essay writing topic. After all ‘practice makes perfect.’