Process Essay Topics – Writing Guide 

  A process analysis essay is the type of academic papers, which simplified versions you can frequently face outside of school. All those instructions, manuals, guides, recommendations and tutorials are the forms of such writing adjusted to the needs of the average individual. Thereby the content of any process essay should present a specification of the investigated operation. It should be a step-by-step description or instruction fitted in the structure that is standard for essay writing and supplied with argumentation. Such assignments are very useful not just as exercises for training analytical, writing and presentation skills. It stimulates you to look behind a curtain of any natural or artificial procedure for the achievement of some state or result and ergo to get more familiar with the universe you’re living in. By disassembling some process to pieces, you can distinguish its fundamentals. They can become a basis for the further matter exploration or a pattern for its simulation or application for the creation of its analog. How to write a process analysis essay could become a topic for this academic writing too. Such an example shows another goal of the paper which is to instruct and teach through practice the writer and…

Extended Essay Topics

Writing an essay may seem to be easy, but as a fact, it may take long days to complete your term paper or academic paper. It all starts with the topic. Since we live in a rushing world where new subjects are being born every day (and universities start up new faculties just like that, choosing a topic for your paper is probably the most significant thing ever. You may ask your advisor how to write a paper, you can ask for help to edit the paper, but when it comes to the topic, we recommend to choose it on your own. Why? Because the better topic you choose, the more interesting essay you will provide. It does not matter it is your senior year, you are going to complete your diploma or you just need a regular essay for an English literature class. Choosing a good topic is half of success. We have prepared for you 50+ extended essay headings so you will be able to choose the best. Writing process will be easier and faster if you pick a topic you like and will do your best to narrate it. Here are some choose-and-write topics you may choose: …

Personal Narrative Writing Prompts

When you are asked to draw a picture, the first thing you ask is “what should I draw?” When you don’t get instructions and are given free reigns over your tools, the biggest complication comes into the frame when you are brainstorming to decide what exactly you want to recreate on the paper. It’s good when you are given carte blanche, you won’t be criticized for what you have done and how you have done it. The handcuffs from your hands can transform into a ball and chain on your neck! Sometimes inspiration is leaving you for good, and you need to get a directive from the above to break the ice and move from the dead point. We’ve all been there! That’s why writing prompts exist – they give you a topical course, a time-proven template to throw some thoughts and stories on. It’s better to write about the event that “made us appreciate hard workers” than to straight up answer the “who are you?” question. Contents1 Using Writing Prompts2 Personal Narrative Essay Specifics3 Prompts for Narrative Personal Essay Writing3.1 1) Brightest Childhood Memory 3.2 2) Best Life Advice You Ever Got 3.3 3) What’s Your Proudest Achievement? 3.4 4) Who’s Your…

How to Write a Good Abortion Essay 

  Pregnancy interruption allowance is a frequently employed subject for a controversial writing since it’s always an actual, significant and debatable issue. As any writing on a sensitive theme, it requires maturity and maliciously chosen words supported by weighty evidence to avoid a wrathful rejection. Apply the following tips to create a quality abortion argumentative essay. Contents1 Paper fundamentals and purposes 1.1 Pro-choice essay 1.2 Pro-life essay 2 Topics for abortion essays 2.1 Pro-choice: 2.1.1 1. Childbirth and women’s rights extension2.1.2 2. Countries with population regulations2.1.3 3. Geneva Convention should widen the abortion clause2.1.4 4. The humanity size and globe resources2.1.5 5. The novations of fetus removal procedure2.2 Pro-life: 2.2.1 1. Abortions and world religions2.2.2 2. Embryo removal: difficulties and consequences2.2.3 3. A choice or a crime?2.2.4 4. Historical forced misbirth law variations2.2.5 5. Young mothers should have welfare payouts3 Abortion essay introduction 4 Abortion essay thesis statement 5 Abortion essay conclusion 6 Abortion essay outline 6.1 Review the plan example for the pro-life position. Paper fundamentals and purposes  The essence of an argumentative essay is a writer’s opinion presentation on a particular theme that should be sustained by the multitudinous pieces of evidence. It should be specifically stated to convince any reviewer of its validity and emphasize its characteristics…

Ideas for the English project

  When you have no definite theme for the project, you can let your imagination free. You can write whatever you like about and your ideas will be demonstrated to the readers. The development of your own English project helps you demonstrate your knowledge, improve your ability to frame your ideas and follow the specific structure of the composition. Despite the fact, that it is possible to find almost everything on the Internet, it’s really hard to find something suitable for you. You can spend quite a huge amount of time and did not find the ready-made list of the topics for your project which would suit for you. It became a real challenge to choose the right topic for students. Looking through the various websites we have understood that it is easier to make our own list of the diverse themes and post it on our website. This is a small part of the topics we have found: Contents1 1. Children and reading2 2. Family relationships3 3. Saving the nature4 4. Differences between American and English language5 5. College vs High School. What is better?6 6. How to avoid stress before the exams7 7. The Global Warming problem8 8….

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