50 Interesting Analytical Essay Topics

 50 Interesting Analytical Essay Topics

Analytical thinking is a necessity for everyone who is seeking for the great career achievements. People who can masterfully analyze the information, make logical suggestions and conclusions even by the lack of knowledge, think rationally and effectively solve the problems are highly evaluated in any professional sphere. They are candidates number one in the line to take the leadership positions and considerable salary. College is a perfect time to gain and to develop this skill. Analytical essay writing facilitates it in the best possible way.

Purposes of analytical writing

  • The development of analytical thinking. The more you practice, the more this way of thinking integrates into your mind. Having trained this skill in the adolescence, it will serve you all the rest of your life and help in many life situations.
  • The increasing of the ability to consider the things objectively and realistic. This ability allows making the conclusions based not on the emotions or guesses but on the facts that are taken from the reliable sources.
  • The development of the skill to be cautious and check thoroughly any information before to believe it. The student learns to compare the sources, to process the data and to distinguish its motive.
  • The improvement of the ability to see the situation from the different points of view, not to hurry with the conclusions and decisions, and the desire to get to the bottom of the truth.
  • The forming of the ability to reconstruct the missing information needed to analyze the situation more effectively. It is achieved through the application of logical capabilities of a person.
  • The development of the skill to think in advance and make the right prognoses about the prospect possible course of events. This skill turns out to be a useful instrument by the planning of the future actions.
  • The improvement of the skill to look for practical solutions and to find a way out of difficult situations. This skill also helps to analyze the previous experiences (both your own and of the other people) to avoid potential problems.

50 variants of topics for an analytical essay

Ecology and nature

  1. Homeless animals: the humane ways to solve the problem.
  2. What does the human being bring more to our planet: use or harm?
  3. How does every individual influence the global nature changing?
  4. How to increase the ecological consciousness by the young people?
  5. The depletion of natural sources: what is waiting for us after they will be over?

Society and people

  1. How does the upbringing by grandparents instead of parents affect the personality?
  2. Why it is difficult for people to resist the influence of mass media?
  3. The children of divorced parents: do they still have a chance to build a reliable family in the future?
  4. Multiculturism in the society: should exist any limits?
  5. What is the attitude of the population to the unemployed people?

Politic and economy

  1. The meaning of an economic crisis for reach and pure people: two sides of the coin.
  2. The wars in the XXI century: why do the countries still fighting?
  3. The urbanization tendency: why do people move from the villages?
  4. The most significant problems of modern Democracy.
  5. How does the educational level of population influence the economic development?

Law and criminality

  1. How do the children become involved in criminal groups?
  2. The problem of pedophilia in the schools: are the children enough protected by the law?
  3. Animal abuse among teenagers: criminal liability for cruelty.
  4. How to protect yourself from the gang members?
  5. The importance of a good company: how does the gang contribute to criminal behavior?

Organization and work

  1. Burnout: how to eliminate the negative effects on our health.
  2. The rise in wages: after what time working in a company is suitable to ask for it?
  3. Gender cooperation: is it better to work in the mixed or same-sex team?
  4. The role of professional relations in the workers’ productivity.
  5. An official and real leader of the team: is it always the same person?

Study and technologies

  1. How does the age of teacher influence the use of new technologies during the study?
  2. What are the most useful capabilities of Artificial Intelligence for schools and colleges?
  3. How can mobile devices help to increase studying productivity?
  4. Real books or electronic library: advantages and disadvantages.
  5. Mobile apps: helpful study instruments or distractful toys?

Health and body

  1. The hidden dangers for human’s health in the modern world.
  2. Food supplements: do people need them?
  3. The role of upbringing in a healthy lifestyle.
  4. The strong spirit in the strong body: sport as an instrument of discipline training.
  5. Healthy diet in the school and college: myth or reality?

Literature and theatre

  1. Books changing the personality: the most impactful literature in the world.
  2. Why do young people prefer cinema to the theatre?
  3. College theatres: why is it useful to participate even if you don’t have the intention to become a professional actor?
  4. Is there a place for belles-lettres during studying in a college?
  5. How does the reading influence our brain?

Psychology and behavior

  1. Why do the people lie to themselves?
  2. Do the women need to have a strong character?
  3. Psychology knowledge: how does it help in real life?
  4. Why do people react differently in the stress situation?
  5. How does positive thinking change life?

Self-development and knowledge

  1. How can we learn from other people’s experience?
  2. Is the presence of a life goal important for everybody?
  3. Do the parent’s intelligence defines the potential of the children?
  4. Self-development after retirement: how to keep interest to the new knowledge all the life?
  5. How the professional growth correlates with personal growth?

Few tips on how to improve analytical thinking capacity:

  • Perceiving information from the different sources, focus only on the facts, compare and analyze them without distracting and emotional intervention.
  • Read detective stories and fiction and try to forecast the plot of future events. It is an excellent way to check for certain how good you are in analytical thinking as in the book it is easy to check how close to the truth were your forecasts.
  • Develop the cognitive functions of your brain. For this purpose, you can use exercises for brain training online. With their help, it is possible to improve significantly attention and memory which are necessary for analytical skill development.
  • Watch the news. Although many people think that they are just litter for our brain, the news can become an efficient instrument for the training of analytical thinking.
  • Play the developing computer games. Yes, games are not only children’s entertainment but also the excellent tool for the development of a brain for adults. You can try a quest room or various strategic games.